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Nickel concentrations in serum and urine of patients with nickel eczema.

Tidsskriftartikel - 1999


This study is a part of the Biological Risk Assessment of Human Metal Sensitisation (BRAHMS) project with the aim of elucidating clinical and physiological effects of repeated exposures to low concentrations of metal allergens. Nickel allergic individuals (n=35) with hand eczema and healthy controls (n=30) were included in the study. Both groups had similar levels of nickel in urine, while the level of nickel in serum was significantly lower in nickel allergic individuals compared to controls. Nickel allergic individuals had a significantly lower intake of nickel-rich food items (chocolate, nuts, beans, porridge oats). Serum nickel levels correlated with intake of these foods, suggesting that the difference in serum nickel levels was caused by differences in dietary nickel intake.


Christensen J, Kristiansen J, Nielsen N, Menné T, Byrialsen K. Nickel concentrations in serum and urine of patients with nickel eczema.. Toxicol Lett 1999;108(2-3):185-189.
doi: 10.1016/S0378-4274(99)00088-0

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