NOSACQ-50 translations

NOSACQ-50 is currently available in 35+ languages (click on a language to download a PDF version): 

AmharicArabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch-Belgian, Dutch-Netherlands, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, French-Belgian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, IndonesianItalian, KiswahiliLatvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, PolishPortuguese, Romanian, Russian, SlovakSlovene, Spanish-Spain, Spanish-ColombiaSwedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Other language versions are being prepared including :)

Additional translations of NOSACQ-50 should be carried out in cooperation with the questionnaire developers ( NOSACQ@NFA.DK), in order to ensure standard translation and testing procedures. It is important to pre-test a new language version of the questionnaire on a sub-sample of the target population. See section regarding “Translation procedure for quality assurance”