PEROSH - Prolonging Working Life

Igangværende - Projektperiode 01. januar 2019 til 31. december 2021
Hvordan kan de Europæiske lande lære af hinanden i det forebyggende arbejdsmiljøarbejde der skal sikre et langt og sundt arbejdsliv? Lær om dette og meget mere ved at følge vores PEROSH projekt

Due to demographic changes across Europe, there are strong political interests in maintaining the labour force by prolonging working life, i.e. increasing retirement age. TNO led a previous PEROSH project “Ageing of the workforce” which dealt with this issue, but this project has been terminated.

However, due to the strong political interests in all European countries, it is relevant for PEROSH to pursue collaborative activities in the research field ‘Prolonging working life’. The new PEROSH project will maintain and expand the existing research collaboration on this topic in PEROSH and serve as a strong platform for future collaboration in relation to future HORIZON 2020 or HORIZON Europe calls.

The present PEROSH project aims to determine push and stay factors for labour market participation of older workers across different European countries with different regulations and cultures to thereby better guide initiatives for maintaining older workers at the labour market across Europe.
Outcomes/expected results

On the PEROSH website, an overview of projects at the PEROSH institutes about prolonging working life (short description, webpage link, target groups, type of study etc).
A list of questions relevant to prolonging working life that can be answered from the different existing European datasets.
A list of research questions that can be compared in existing national datasets from the participating PEROSH institutes, i.e. where similar types of data are available in different countries.
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