Grouping of manufactured nanomaterials: Strategies within NANoREG and NanoReg2

Konferenceabstrakt til konference - 2017


The establishment of a grouping paradigm for manufactured nanomaterials (MNM) is to develop a structured scheme for regulatory agencies and industries to identify substances with similar properties and/or biological effects and thereby allow read-across.

Within NANoREG (2013-2017), a revised substance identification and grouping scheme was proposed based on the principle structure in for REACH registration of substances while introducing relevant physicochemical properties. This physicochemical scheme grouped MNM according to their:

1. Structure/Chemical composition,
2. Shape/Porosity, and
3. Specific Physicochemical properties.

This grouping system was demonstrated by several nanostructured silicas with variations in their composition and structural complexity. ECHA recently published Draft Appendix R.6-1 (Jan. 2017) on guidance on end-points suitable for QSAR, grouping and read-across for MNM, which considers grouping according to: 1) What they are, 2) Where they go, and 3) What they do, described in Sellers et al. (2015).

In NanoReg2 (2015-2018), it is suggested to widen this regulatory grouping scheme taking into account both intrinsic and system dependent properties of the MNMs along their life cycle. This is achieved by combining the NANoREG approach with the approach in Sellers et al. (2015) and further refined in the EUFP7 MARINA project. Here we present a preliminary set of grouping criteria defined in the NanoReg2 project, which is an important step towards a full-fledged grouping strategy for MNNs within the regulatory frameworks.

K. Sellers, N. Deleebeeck, M. Messiaen, M. Jackson, E. Bleeker, D. Sijm and F. van Broekhuizen, RIVM Report 2015 0061. 2015. 0061.html.


Grouping of manufactured nanomaterials: Strategies within NANoREG and NanoReg2. 2017.

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