Why are they leaving? Causes of actual turnover in the Danish eldercare services

Tidsskriftartikel - 2014


Aim: To investigate reasons for actual turnover among eldercare staff and to investigate changes in job design that could prevent turnover.Background: Many Western countries have difficulties in recruiting healthcare staff to provide care for an ageing population. Knowledge on the causes of turnover among healthcare staff is therefore important.MethodIn a prospective cohort study (n =7025) baseline characteristics were compared for employees who respectively quit, retired and worked in eldercare at follow-up. Additionally, a survey was conducted among those employees who left their jobs during follow-up.Results: Employees who quit their jobs (n =461) primarily stated that psychosocial work conditions caused them to quit, whereas retirees (n =265) primarily stated reasons related to health and physical job demands. Improvements in the time available for the contact with the elderly, increased skill discretion and improved social relations could prompt employees to reconsider quitting or retiring.Conclusion: Work in eldercare has some 'core' aspects that appear desirable to employees who quit or retired. Building on those aspects offers a strategy for enhanced recruitment potential.


Clausen T, Tufte PJ, Borg V. Why are they leaving? Causes of actual turnover in the Danish eldercare services. Journal of Nursing Management 2014;22(5):583-592.
doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2834.2012.01484.x

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