Working time arrangements as potential risk factors for ischemic heart disease among workers in Denmark: A study protocol

Tidsskriftartikel - 2016


[Open access]BACKGROUND: It has long been suspected that a worker's risk of developing an ischemic heart disease (IHD) may be influenced by his or her working time arrangements. A multitude of studies have been performed, and special attention has been given to long working hours and nighttime work. The statistical powers of the individual studies have, however, generally been too low to either dismiss or confirm an actual relationship, and meta-analyses of underpowered studies are generally associated with publication bias. Hence, uncertainty remains and whether these factors indeed are related to IHD has yet to be settled. OBJECTIVE: This project will test whether the incidences of IHD and usage of antihypertensive drugs among employees in Denmark are independent of weekly working hours and nighttime work. The objective of this paper is to present the intended analyses. METHODS: We will link individual participant data from the Danish labor force survey, 1999-2013, to data on socioeconomic status, industry, emigrations, redeemed prescriptions, hospitalizations, and deaths from registers covering the entire population of Denmark. The study will include approximately 160,000 participants, who will be followed through the registers, from the time of the interview until the end of 2014, for first occurrence of IHD and for antihypertensive drug treatment. We will use Poisson regression to analyze incidence rates as a function of nighttime work and of weekly working hours. RESULTS: We expect results to be ready in mid-2017. CONCLUSIONS: To our knowledge, this will be the largest study ever of its kind. It will, moreover, be free from hindsight bias, since the hypotheses, inclusion criteria, significance levels, and statistical models will be completely defined and published before we are allowed to link the exposure data to the outcome data


Hannerz H, Larsen AD, Garde AH. Working time arrangements as potential risk factors for ischemic heart disease among workers in Denmark: A study protocol. JMIR Research Protocols 2016;5(2):e130-.
doi: 10.2196/resprot.5563

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