The EU H2020 caLIBRAte project - Towards a nanorisk (innovation) governance platform

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The caLIBRAte project is establishing a web-based portal connecting a series of thoroughly tested tools, data and guidance to enable trustworthy safety assessment and risk governance of MN and MN-enabled products during innovation and use. The framework will contain tools for: 1) horizon scanning with screening of targeted news and trends in nanotechnology; 2) control banding, qualitative and fully integrated predictive quantitative risk assessment operational at different information levels; 3) safety-by-design and multi-criteria decision support methods; 4) guidance for risk surveillance, -management, and -communication. Linking tools to eNANOMAPPER-caLIBRAte databases is a key objective. Ending October 2019, the project starts to deliver key results. Suitable human and environmental risk assessment tools have been identified and are being further developed considering stakeholder input on their data availability and competences as well as data from model sensitivity analysis. Data on MN properties, MN hazards, and MN exposure case studies are being gathered and analyzed to identify suitable data sets and needs for closing data gaps for forthcoming model testing. A nano-specific Horizon scanning tool has been developed. Next generation risk assessment methods are under development and will include use of high-throughput testing and genomics data. Experimental studies investigating the role of the surface area paradigm on hazard as well as effects of doping, coating and functionalization has advanced well and results will be used for model revisions. First comprehensive industrial case-studies have also been established, including a completed unique indoor and outdoor measurement field campaign at a paint producer. Case-studies will be used to demonstrate the risk governance framework at the end of the project.

Acknowledgements: This caLIBRAte project is funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement 686239.


The EU H2020 caLIBRAte project - Towards a nanorisk (innovation) governance platform. 2018.

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