Control banding tools for occupational exposure assessment of nanomaterials - Ready for use in a regulatory context?

Tidsskriftartikel - 2016


[Open access] The development, production and application of engineered nanomaterials are becoming more and more widespread. Because researchers, developers and industrial workers are the first in line to be exposed to potentially hazardous nanomaterials, appropriate occupational exposure assessment is a key area of concern. Therefore, a number of Control Banding (CB)-based tools have been developed in order to assess and manage the potential risks associated with occupational exposure to nanomaterials.In this paper we provide a comparative analysis of different nanomaterial-specific types of control-banding/risk prioritization tools (the Control Banding Nanotool, IVAM Technical Guidance, Stoffenmanager Nano, ANSES CB Tool, NanoSafer, and the Precautionary Matrix) in order to evaluate their use-domains; types, extent, use and availability of input parameters; their output format; and finally their potential use and maturity in regard to meeting the minimum requirements for occupational exposure assessment under REACH and the conceptual source-transmission-receptor model by Schneider et al.(2011). This was done through an analysis including a literature review and use of the tools.It was found that the tools were developed for different purposes, with different application domains and inclusion criteria. The exposure assessments and derived risk levels are based on different concepts and assumptions and outputs in different formats. The use of requested input parameters for exposure assessment differ greatly among the tools, Therefore, direct inter-comparison and combination of the different models into a larger holistic framework is not immediately possible.Harmonization of input parameters and output could allow establishment of an exposure assessment framework with different level of information requirements.


Liguori B, Hansen S, Baun A, Jensen KA. Control banding tools for occupational exposure assessment of nanomaterials - Ready for use in a regulatory context?. NanoImpact 2016;2:1-17.
doi: 10.1016/j.impact.2016.04.002

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