A cross-sectional national study of burnout and psychosocial work environment in vascular surgery in Denmark

Tidsskriftartikel - 2022


ABSTRACT Objective Little is known about burnout among European vascular surgeons. In this study, the prevalence of burnout and its associated risk factors were investigated among all vascular surgeons (VS) and vascular surgeons in training (VST) in Denmark. Methods An anonymous electronic survey was distributed to all clinical active VS and VST on the 1st of January 2020. Validated assessment tools were used to measure burnout and aspects of the psychosocial work environment. Results 104 VSs and VSTs were invited to participate, and 82% (n=85) completed the survey. The majority of the respondents were male (60%, n=50) and VSs (67%, n=61). Of the respondents, 82% (n=70) reported either light (54%, n=46), moderate (22%, n=19) or severe (6%, n=5) personal burnout. More than 50% (n=47) reported work-related burnout, respectively light (39%, n=33), moderate (9%, n=8) and severe (7%, n=6), while 35% (n=30) reported patient-related burnout, respectively light (31%n=26), moderate (2%, n=2) and severe (2%, n=2). Respondents with more than four 24-hour-on-call shifts/month had significantly higher work-related burnout scores, while respondents with home-living children and those aged 45-59 years respectively showed significantly higher personal and patient-related burnout. There were strong associations between personal and work-related burnout and the psychosocial work environment, especially work organisation and interpersonal relations, but not job demands. The prevalence of burnout was unevenly distributed across departments, with the most affected department having a burnout occurrence twice the least affected department. Conclusions Based on a national survey conducted among all clinical active VSs and VSTs in Denmark, more than 80% (n=70) suffered from burnout, of which 28% (n=24) suffered from moderate to severe personal burnout. The strong association with the psychosocial work environment, and the significant differences between departments, suggest that burnout is modifiable through changes in the work environment.


Møller CM, Clausen T, Aust B, Eiberg JP. A cross-sectional national study of burnout and psychosocial work environment in vascular surgery in Denmark. Journal of Vascular Surgery 2022;75(5):1750-1759.
doi: 10.1016/j.jvs.2021.11.042

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