An efficient algorithm scheme for implementing the TEMOM for resolving aerosol dynamics

Tidsskriftartikel - 2017


This paper presents a new algorithm scheme for implementing the Taylor-series expansion method of moments (TEMOM), which is a general method for solving the population balance equation. Instead of deriving moment ordinary differential equations (ODEs) for particular aerosol dynamics, the new numerical algorithm develops a subroutine that corresponds to types of kernels of aerosol dynamics rather than a particular kernel. Consequently, the TEMOM can be conveniently applied to types of dynamics rather than a particular dynamics, and the derivation from the PBE to moment ODEs is avoided. A key aspect to the new algorithm scheme is that the particle kernels are written in a general form, allowing for a universal expression of aerosol dynamics. The closure of ODEs for moments was accomplished by implementing a new Taylor-series expansion closure function with two varying parameters H and ϕ, which enables the TEMOM applicable to any type of moment sequence. The feasibility of the new algorithm scheme was verified by comparing it with other recognized methods for six classic aerosol dynamics. The new algorithm scheme makes the TEMOM much easier to be used for users as compared to its original version (Aerosol Sci Tech 49(2015):1021–1036). The idea of the algorithm scheme can be applied to other non-quadrature-based methods of moments.


Yu M, Liu Y, Koivisto AJ. An efficient algorithm scheme for implementing the TEMOM for resolving aerosol dynamics. Aerosol Science and Engineering 2017;1(3):119-137.
doi: 10.1007/s41810-017-0012-2

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