Value-chain case-studies with high quality conceptual information for model testing in caLIBRAte project

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In the EU H2020-funded project caLIBRAte (, different models and tools were selected in order to support a risk governance framework for the assessment and management of human and environmental risks of manufactured nanomaterials (MN) and MN-enabled products. Before becoming part of the framework, the performance of the tools and models need to be thoroughly analyzed and tested against data from comprehensive value-chain case-studies with high quality conceptual information about MN release and exposure. This study highlights the specific methodology followed in caLIBRAte to create an inventory of case studies with high quality data potentially available for further use for model performance testing: Compilation of compulsory parameters requested by the selected models, related to human exposure and environmental release and fate; Identification of data sources (databases, data generated in EU Projects or literature); Evaluation of data availability to cover requirements by the different models; Evaluation of data quality. Suitability of risk assessment with different exposure assessment models ranging from simple ones applied in control banding tools (e.g. Stoffenmanager Nano v. 1.0 (Duuren-Stuurman et al. 2012) and NanoSafer v 1.1 ( to advanced and full quantitative aerosol dynamic models (Jensen et al. 2018) will be discussed by comparing with the gathered exposure measurement data.

This work is part of the caLIBRAte project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 686239.

REFERENCES: Duuren-Stuurman, B. Van et al., 2012. Stoffenmanager nano version 1.0: Aweb-based tool for risk prioritization of airborne manufactured nano objects. In Annals of Occupational Hygiene. pp. 525–541. Jensen, A.C.Ø. et al., 2018. Comparison of Geometrical Layouts for a Multi-Box Aerosol Model from a Single-Chamber Dispersion Study. Environments, 5(5).


Value-chain case-studies with high quality conceptual information for model testing in caLIBRAte project. 2018.

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