Exercise and ankle sprain injuries: a comprehensive review

Tidsskriftartikel - 2014


Ankle sprains are common in team sports and sports played on courts, and often result in structural and functional alterations that lead to a greater reinjury risk. Specific exercises are often used to promote neuromuscular improvements in the prevention and rehabilitation of ankle injuries. This literature review summarizes the neuromuscular characteristics of common ankle sprains and the effectiveness of exercise as an intervention for improving neuromuscular function and preventing reinjury. Our review found that appropriate exercise prescription can increase static and dynamic balance and decrease injury recurrence. In particular, the addition of dynamic activities in the exercise program can be beneficial because of the anticipatory postural adjustments identified as a key factor in the injury mechanism


Calatayud JMV, Borreani S, Colado J, Flandez J, Page P, Andersen LL. Exercise and ankle sprain injuries: a comprehensive review. Physician and Sportsmedicine 2014;42(1):88-93.
doi: 10.3810/psm.2014.02.2051

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