Design of a tailored and integrated violence prevention program in psychiatric wards and prisons

Tidsskriftartikel - 2019


BACKGROUND: Violence and threats of violence against personnel at psychiatric wards as well as in the prison service is a major work environment problem. To date results from interventions to prevent violence and threats in these sectors have been inconclusive or of small effect. One of the reasons may be that violence and threats of violence occur as a consequence of a complex interaction between employee-level and management-level factors.

OBJECTIVE: To design a tailored and theory-based intervention program directed at violence prevention in psychiatric wards and prisons that integrates the employee-level and management-level, and development of an evaluation design building on the Context, Process, and Outcome Evaluation Model.

METHODS: The study follows a stepped-wedged design with 16 work units entering the intervention in four groups with differing start dates from September 2017 to January 2019. The context and process evaluation includes: calculating the implementation degree; mapping of contextual factors; interviews with unit-leaders and employees before and after the intervention. The outcome evaluation includes performing multi-level statistical analysis on data from a three-monthly questionnaire to employees at the participating workplaces.

RESULTS: The first results will be available in 2020.

CONCLUSIONS: The comprehensive evaluation of the intervention will give insight into the processes and effects of the intervention.


Jaspers SØ, Jakobsen LM, Gadegaard CA, Dyreborg J, Andersen LPS, Aust B. Design of a tailored and integrated violence prevention program in psychiatric wards and prisons. Work 2019;62(4):525-541.
doi: 10.3233/WOR-192888

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