Webinar on working life expectancy

What is working life expectancy? Moreover, how can we use the estimations of working life expectancy? That was the topic of a webinar hosted by the Danish National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA) 17. June 2020.

The working life expectancy is a new tool for showing the importance of various conditions in the working environment, concerning the labour market affiliation up to retirement age and thus also the social economy. One can for example show that high physical demands in work increase the number of time in sickness absence, unemployment, and decrease the number of years in work. Knowledge that, among other things, provides a benchmark for working environmentally to keep Danish workers longer in the labour market.

At the webinar, researchers from NFA, the Netherlands and Finland introduced participants to working life as a concept and tool and provide examples of working life analyses and their results.


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04:50 Working life expectancy as a tool: By Statistician Jacob Pedersen, NFA

27:45 Physical hard work and working life expectancy: By Professor Lars L. Andersen, NFA

38:24 Depression and working life expectancy: By Professor Ute Bültmann, University of Groningen in the Netherlands

45:45 Working life in the Nordic countries: Senior Scientist Svetlana Solovieva, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH), Helsinki, Finland

60:13 Discussion and questions: Statistician Jacob Pedersen and Professor Lars L. Andersen, both NFA


Below are links to the material mentioned during the webinar.