Driftsinformation (Danish) - Technical information (English)


25-06-2022: App'en og administratormodulet virker igen (kl. 16:35) :)

24-06-2022: App'ens administratormodul virker igen. Vi er stadig i gang med at få app'en til at fungere igen. Tak for jeres tålmodighed :)

21-06-2022: App'en virker ikke lige nu. Vi er i gang med at undersøge fejlen. Tak for jeres tålmodighed :)

01-07-2020En liste over opdateringerne i 2.0 findes her. OBS! nogle funktioner er muligvis ikke tilgængelige på alle iOS- og Androidenheder.

Kontakt os gerne på safetyobserver@nfa.dk, hvis du oplever tekniske problemer (skriv mærke og modelnummer på din smartphone/tablet).  


Click here for the app 'Administrator module', and see a short video for 'app administrators' and 'users' (with English subtitles).

25-06-2022: The app and administrator module are working again (4.35 pm) :) Sorry for the inconvenience.

24-06-2022: The app administrator module is working again. We are still working on getting the app to work again. Thank you for your continued patience :)

21-06-2022: The app is not working properly. We are looking at finding the problem. Thank you for your patience :)

01-07-2020: Some of the photos taken with newer smartphones/tablets are in a very high resolution creating a large file. The photos are unfortunately not always shown in the photo icon (thumbnail) in the app, but the photo is saved, and will be shown in the report. If you click on the photo icon, you can see the photo. 

01-07-2020A list of the updates in version 2.0 can be seen here - NOTE: some functions may not work on all iOS or Android devices. 

Let us know if you experience any technical difficulties (include the brand name and model of your smartphone/tablet): safetyobserver@nfa.dk