New in Safety Observer 3.0 (to be launched in late February 2023)

Safety Observer app will soon be updated with a new design, new functions, and increased stability and data security. The expected release date is February 17, 2023, but this may change - so keep an eye on this site for updates

Important things to know about Safety Observer 3.0

  • It is a new app: The old one (Safety Observer 2.0) will need to be uninstalled, and the new one (Safety Observer 3.0) installed from your Apple or Google app store
  • Reset your password: You will be asked to reset your password the first time you log on to Safety Observer 3.0. You are welcome to use your old password when you reset your password, providing it meets password requirements
  • New web address for the administrator module: (Note: without 'nfa' in the title)
  • The forms you have created in the administrator module for version 2.0 are automatically transferred to the new version 3.0 😀
  • Save your old data: Submitted data from the previous app (2.0) will NOT be transferred to the new version 3.0. You must therefore take a copy of the data for each form ('Download reports' in PDF; 'Download Excel file') if you wish to use them in the future. The data from Safety Observer 2.0 will only be available until the end of March 2023 at - and here you will have to use your old password to Safety Observer 2.0 when logging on to the site
  • Account codes: The administrator code has been discontinued - each company account now only has a 'user code': When you create a company account, you automatically have administrator rights to the account. If you would like to have administrator rights to an existing company account, you must log on to the company account in the app by entering the company's 'Company code' (menu 'Switch company'). After that, the account's administrator must "elevate" privileges for you to 'administrator'

Some of the new functions in Safety Observer 3.0

  • Counter: There is now a 'counter' in the app that continuously shows how many observations you have made
  • Account codes: You can more easily switch between company accounts in both the app and the administrator module, and you do not have to remember your company codes
  • Form status: In the administrator module you can save a form as a 'Draft' prior to publicising it; you can also mark the form as 'Inactive'
  • Dashboard: The administrator module now has a dashboard appearance - simplifying viewing the forms (date of last update, form status, PDF and Excel files)
  • Rearrange observation items: It is now even easier to design forms in the administrator module, e.g. the observation points under a theme can be rearranged up/down using arrows

Feel free to contact us at if you have questions, and if you have any technical difficulties with the app please include the make and model number of your device

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