The Nordic Occupational Safety Climate Questionnaire- NOSACQ-50 database

NOSACQ-50 international database

All users of NOSACQ-50 are encouraged to submit their data (with no person or company identifiers) to the current NOSACQ questionnaire coordinator for incorporation into an international database: 

  • Please send your data to NOSACQ@NFA.DK
  • See current international benchmark data here

Upon submitting data for inclusion in and benchmarking with the international database, please use the following Excel spreadsheet NOSACQ-50 data entry. Enter your raw data in this Exel file - do not convert the negated items - the formulas in the file do this for you.

Important for the database use

  • Do not include names of persons, departments, companies, etc. (they are to be anonymous) 
  • For each entry (respondent) please provide language version, sector/branch, company and site and group identifiers (e.g. Construction; site 4; group 12), and whether the respondent is a worker or a leader/manager/supervisor (item C: Worker=1, leader/manager/supervisor=2)  

These entries are required to facilitate comparison of results from different studies and with official statistics or registers. 

Future versions of NOSACQ - we welcome your feedback

The NOSACQ-50 developers welcome feedback from users of the questionnaires.

  • Your feedback can be sent directly to the current questionnaire coordinator NOSACQ@NFA.DK