Mission, vision and long-term social effects

The aim of NFA’s working environment knowledge is to contribute positively to the working environment and development of Danish society.


We do research, disseminate research and educate to contribute to a healthy and safe working environment in Denmark.


We create knowledge that inspires, and is used by workplaces, authorities and other actors in their effort to develop a good working environment.

Long-term effects for society

NFA has the following goals for the long-term effects of its efforts:

  • NFA’s research-based knowledge and working environment surveillance contribute to fulfill the goals in the national working environment strategies.
  • NFA’s own research, knowledge retrieval and working environment surveillance are important factors for knowledge accumulation of the working environment efforts and for the working environment regulation in Denmark.
  • NFA contributes to identify, explore, prevent, and address working environment challenges of tomorrow as well as new, potential risks at Danish workplaces and in cooperating countries.

Read 'Strategy 2018-2021'. Published by The National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA), Denmark, December 2017.

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