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Safety Climate Questionnaire - NOSACQ-50

Nordic Occupational Safety Climate Questionnaire(NOSACQ-50) is a tool for diagnosing occupational safety climate and evaluating safety climate interventions. Now available in over 45 language versions, and with benchmarks for over 100,000 respondents from 700 sites around the world.

Safety climate and safety performance

There is increasing scientific support for the causal relation between safety climate and safety performance (low accidental injury rates). This questionnaire has been pilot tested in various industries in all the Nordic countries, and the results confirm the reliability and validity of the questionnaire. NOSACQ-50 can be used in full or be tailored for specific studies using individual dimensions. Use of the questionnaire is free of charge.

45+ language versions

International benchmarks

Definition of safety climate

Safety climate is defined as workgroup members’ shared perceptions of manager as well as workgroup safety related policies, procedures and practices. In short, safety climate reflects workers' perception of the true value of safety in an organisation - as a contributing factor towards the reduction of accidental injuries.

NOSACQ-50 was developed by a nordic network of researchers

NOSACQ-50 was developed by a nordic network of occupational safety researchers. It is based on organisational and safety climate theory, psychological theory, previous empirical research, and empirical results acquired through international studies and a continuous development process.

Nordic network of occupational safety researchers.

Read the scientific article regarding the development of NOSACQ

Nordic Safety Climate Questionnaire (NOSACQ-50): A new tool for diagnosing occupational safety climate

NOSACQ-50 items and dimensions- results in a database

NOSACQ-50 is currently available in over 45 language versions and results from around the world are currently being collected in an international database in order to allow for benchmarking and further development.

The questionnaire consists of 50 items across 7 safety climate dimensions, i.e., group members' shared perceptions of:

  1. Management safety priority, commitment, and competence
  2. Management safety empowerment
  3. Management safety justice
  4. Workers’ safety commitment
  5. Workers’ safety priority and risk non-acceptance
  6. Safety communication, learning, and trust in co-workers safety competence
  7. Trust in the efficacy of safety systems


Examples of items

  • ”Management encourages employees here to work in accordance with safety rules - even when the work schedule is tight”.
  • ”We who work here break safety rules in order to complete work on time”

Example of results

Illustration of Example of Results NOSACQ-50

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45+ language versions of NOSACQ-50 

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Developed with funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers (project number 411050-30163)


Example of dimensions and results

Illustration of Example of Results NOSACQ-50

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