WINC - Working hours In the Nordic Countries

WINC is a network for researchers from the Nordic countries with interest in research in working hours.


The aim of WINC is to establish the network for better co-ordinating existing research and cohorts on working hours and health in the Nordic countries. Further on to discuss possibilities for collaboration across countries and cohorts and to develop new high quality research projects, and make jointed applications for funding of research.

Strengthen the impact of Nordic research

In order to form a strong Nordic platform for joint future research and thereby strengthen the impact of Nordic research on working hours, we encourage researchers interested in this research area to sign up.


WINC is open to active researchers from Nordic research environments with an interest in working hoursTo join the mailing list for future announcements, please send an e-mail to WINC steering group leader Anne Helene Garde ( with the subject line “Consent for WINC mailing list”.

In the e-mail, include your name, country, e-mail and institution along with the following sentence:

“I hereby give my consent for WINC to collect my name, country, e-mail and institution for a mailing list. This information will be used by WINC organizers to send out invitations for future WINC symposia.”


WINC was established in October 2013 at a workshop held in Copenhagen. WINC organizes annual symposia or workshops. Please join the mailing list for information on the next symposium/workshop.

Previous symposia are:

  • 7th WINC symposium, 2021, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • 6th WINC symposium, 2019, NFA, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 5th WINC symposium, 2018, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 4th WINC symposium, 2017, STAMI, Oslo, Norway
  • 3rd WINC symposium, 2016, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • 2nd WINC symposium and workshop, 2014, FIOH, Helsinki, Finland
  • 1st WINC symposium and workshop, 2013, NFA, Copenhagen, Denmark


The WINC steering group have the main responsibility to continue the network and ensure that symposia are organized. The WINC steering group consists of up to two active working hour researchers from each of the Nordic countries.

All members of WINC can make suggestions regarding WINC directly to the steering group or at WINC meetings.

Current steering committee members are:

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